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The concept:
Shapes Syros is a living space that can offer you a full 360° experience, with amenities and services that not only meet your high expectations of comfort, space, style and luxury, but can also be tailor-made to each one of your anticipations.Uncompromised quality materials, textures, detailed manufacturing and elegance give extra value to every sense.

The people:
Behind the idea of Shapes Syros hides a lot of experience, attitude and love, from a group of demanding travelers who wanted the most out of a visit on this special island. They planed it with high expertise and caution to every little detail and they will be  there for you to guide you into an unforgettable experience.


Shapes Syros  is not a hospitality enterprise that just happened to be in Syros. It is a space linked to Syros in an organic – sustainable way. From the treats that are offered to the amenities in its bathrooms, everything is local and reflects the culture and the soul of the island supporting at the same time local business.This way, our visitors get to have a piece of Syros from the moment they arrive.

Balance, resilience and interconnectedness are key elements of the way Shapes Syros has been designed. Recycling, solar energy, smart economy and environmental consciousness are the principles that keep us going.

Shapes Syros’ design is in harmony with the island's landscape and environment. The overall concept of the interior is the implementation of minimal architecture in contemporary living, in a way that departs from conventional luxury. An awarded team of architects, interior designers and creative directors has managed to bring our Syros vision into life.

Shapes Ventures:
Vision - mission ProjectsThe team behind Shapes Syros is a restless group of people with different backgrounds, who share a common vision on contemporary traveling in Greece. Shapes Syros is their first project, but there are many more that are still …shaping all over the country. Every project focuses on bringing out the “truth” of every location and eventually upgrade the way people from all over the world experience Greece. 
Stay tuned for our next project!